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Silver Imprints have been producing Silver keepsake jewellery since early 2008. Keepsake jewellery is quite simply your loved ones fingerprint, hand print, doodle or kiss captured in Pure or Sterling silver. With your help Silver Imprints can create a unique piece of jewellery that is completely hand crafted and finished to a very high standard.

We are constantly updating our site and would love to here from you if you have any suggestions. Please get in touch 0161 477 0335 or email me

If you have any questions or require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by using the

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Christmass deadlineI love Christmas! I love all the preparation and how excited my daughter gets onNow with Free Delivery  on all UK orders Christmas Eve. I also love making my imprint jewellery, creating it with care and attention to detail.

But to have the time to do this I need your help. Please remember Christmas is one of our busiest times so please insure you return your casts/imprints back in plenty of time.

The cut off date for our fingerprint & hand print jewellery is the 18th November.

Any casts/imprints received after this date might not be completed until mid January.

We do however have gift vouchers which are ideal when you can't decide what to buy or if you have left it a little late.



Taking the footprint and hand printsTaking the fingerprints